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World’s first digital vaccine in the works to combat COVID-19

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a game-changing breakthrough was introduced by health technology leaders in the form of digital vaccines. 

Described as a “new frontier for disease prevention,” digital vaccines enable neuro-behavior and physiological modulation that safeguards health both for an individual and at scale. In partnership with data scientists from the Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University, India-based company Friends Learn is spearheading its development.

Currently, FriendsLearn is already delivering clinically-proven digital vaccines through kid-friendly mobile app FOOYA!As proof of its effectiveness, published results from clinical trials show that children who use the application make healthier choices than those who don’t.

The company recently repurposed the platform to combat the global pandemic and created its COVID-19 variant called FYA-003.

Similar to its parent app, FYA-003 will leverage virtual reality for neuromodulation and neurocognitive training to induce a neuro-behavior-physiological change through the gut-brain axis and the body’s immune system. Unlike FOOYA!, the new platform will cater to a broader age group.

The technology has been developed, and population-scale human trials are being planned soon, after which relevant scientific, ethical and regulatory approvals can be secured. By leveraging the FOOYA!, the scientific evidence base, we aim for another drug-free and non-invasive digital vaccine that can save lives, without one having to inject or ingest anything that may have long term undesirable side effects,” shared Bhargav Sri Prakash, FriendsLearn Founder & CEO.

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