May Data Science

Grew up in Manchester, England and graduated in Computer Science from The University of Manchester, the city and institution where Alan Turing the computer science pioneer that laid the groundwork for modern computing and artificial intelligence as we know today was discovered. On graduating, I moved to London and ventured into investment banking then later ran strategy for an events agency, to building marketing campaigns for brands and politicians. After hopping across the pond to New York City, I worked as a career strategist for top talent in tech and financial services.

Hi, I’m May. I don’t have the typical background for any career, but thats what makes me all the more interesting! A good starting point is to think of me as a data science headhunter that can code, design campaigns, run strategy and is deeply curious and fascinated about the future of Big Data!

My talent hunting within Data Science led me to completing an advanced Data Science Certification at Harvard and then a Tech MBA at Cornell University in New York. I have been fortunate enough to cultivate an amazing network of contacts within business and finance. Using my experience as an executive search consultant with a richer understanding of how data works in business, I created Datadition™ as a platform to share insight from industry peers, navigate career planning and all things exciting about the world of data.

Connect with me here, I’d love to hear about your data journey and what insights you’ve discovered or what interesting problems you’re looking to solve.