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Apple’s new patent application could be a move to use ML for improved GPS

A new patent application by Apple suggests that the tech giant is looking to leverage machine learning for its GPS location mapping.

Titled “Machine learning-assisted satellite-based positioning”, the patent is all about generating a model based on estimated location. This then would be used for Apple Maps to foresee factors like weak GPS signal when placing a user’s location on the map.

An excerpt from the application reads, “The subject system implements a machine learning model (e.g., or machine learning method(s)) to assist with GNSS positioning, e.g. in order to compensate for the incomplete and/or distorted GNSS signal information in these challenging signal environments. The subject system generates a machine learning model, for example, by comparing GNSS position estimates (e.g., or estimated measurement errors) as provided by a GNSS positioning system with corresponding reference position estimates as provided by a reference positioning system (e.g., where the reference positions correspond to ground truth data).”

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