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Tech startup fights Data Bias with Transparency and Blockchain

Startup company Unbiased made recent headlines after introducing a new data marketplace on the blockchain platform called Telos. The team’s main objective is to offer decentralized, privacy-first tools for both Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Among the many concerns that enthusiasts have raised with the incredible advancements in AI is the presence of bias. As a result, researchers continue to pour their efforts into making fairer bias correction techniques for AI algorithms.

With its new project, Unbiased is hoping to create a “culture of transparency” within data marketplaces. Instead of centralized tools, the company taps blockchain to create a decentralized nature, allowing users to collect and validate data while determining if annotations have met widely accepted ethical principles.

“Unbiased uses the Telos blockchain to improve transparency and integrity, allowing users to trust and validate whether their dataset annotations are happening according to set requirements,” shares Founder and CEO Sukesh Tedla. “In addition to the obvious draw of Telos’ powerful governance tools and low operational costs, we share a mission with Telos to build a new global economy focused on decentralization and trust.”

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