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Study: AI could help find Coronavirus vaccine

Just as of late, AI startup DeepMind shared its AI-produced structure of six proteins connected to the Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19.

Keeping in mind the desire to help researchers build up an antibody and shut down the worldwide spread of the infection, a few labs have shared their protein information, including DeepMind with its AI-decided research.

The analysts utilized their model AlphaFold to predict six of the hidden protein structures for coronavirus, using information from the Universal Protein Resource, an open database portraying the structure and capacity of proteins.

“We emphasise that these structure predictions have not been experimentally verified, but hope they may contribute to the scientific community’s interrogation of how the virus functions, and serve as a hypothesis generation platform for future experimental work in developing therapeutics,” DeepMind said.

DeepMind has since shared the study to Francis Crick Institute specialists. These findings are also offered for download from its site.

“Normally we’d wait to publish this work until it had been peer-reviewed for an academic journal. However, given the potential seriousness and time-sensitivity of the situation, we’re releasing the predicted structures as we have them now, under an open license so that anyone can make use of them,” it said.

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