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New AI/ML Residency from Apple aims to attract niche experts

Apple has long since invested a huge bulk of its resources in artificial language and machine learning. To stay ahead, the giant is now seeking to recruit U.S. and European experts for its year-long AI/ML residency program.

Apple’s goal is to find experts who have a growing interest in AI/ML, particularly individuals who have specific backgrounds but lack the necessary experience, and give them resources and tools to apply machine learning to their fields. The company hopes to widen its ability through candidates who can bridge the gap between AI and other disciplines.

The residency program is set to begin in Summer 2021. Invites from Cambridge, UK, were offered to work on Apple’s voice assistant Siri. At the same time, those from other cities (such as Cupertino, California, and Seattle, Washington) had many other opportunities in other fields. At the end of the program, everyone has the chance to present their work at an academic conference.

In the tech industry, Apple isn’t the only company to offer AI residency. GoogleIBM, and Microsoft are some of the big names who were first in line to innovate and attract new talent for its AI/ML efforts. 

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