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Meet ‘Ballie’: Samsung introduces ball-shaped robot for your home

ballie bot

If you’re familiar with Star Wars’ famous robot BB8, you’ll likely fall in love with Samsung’s new artificial intelligence introduction: A tennis ball-shaped robot that rolls around your home.

The tech company showed off the product during the CES 2020 Tech Convention in Las Vegas. With a mobile interface and built-in camera, the robot called Ballie can assist with at-home tasks, like workouts and chores. Its voice activation feature allows users to give it a command, including connecting to smart home items such as vacuum cleaners.

Samsung hopes to show Ballie’s value to pet owners, as the device is an excellent way to entertain and monitor pets when the owners are away.

Currently, everyone is waiting for the price and date release of the new AI product. Samsung wants its users to experience “convenience, peace of mind, and enjoyment” with an adorable all-around assistant.

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