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Study: Macho culture is driving women away from data science jobs

Macho work culture could be the culprit behind the decreasing number of women pursuing data science jobs – a field where tech is used to analyze current trends.

Consulting firm Boston Consulting Group says that female students are discouraged by the recruiting events that are too uncomfortably competitive. The study shows that the sector fails to attract female talent, based on surveys of more than 9,000 young professionals with data-related degrees. 

The report was born out of raised concerns that the lack of women representation in the tech sector could result in inbuilt discrimination against women.

“Many workplaces have been designed by men for men,” said Allyson Zimmerman from Catalyst, a non-profit group championing for women-inclusive workspaces. She added that companies should be concerned about the lack of female staffers.

As a way to cope, the researchers appeal to firms to build a more inclusive and collaborative work environment.

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