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Google shoes lets you play FIFA in real life with AI

After Google‘s Jacquard, a sensor on a denim jacket that allows a person to control their phone by touching the fabric, comes another innovation in the wearable sensor technology.

The Jacquard sensor, called the Tag, can now be attached into the insole of a shoe. The Tag will automatically identify the wearer’s actions and typical movements when playing football (or soccer in America), like kicking, running, and stopping.

Instead of using a camera, the Tag utilizes machine learning to identify foot and body movements at an advanced level compared to just being sensitive to touch on a jacket. 

Its sensors can measure a player’s speed and rotations, and it has a microcontroller that runs on neural networks. All of these are programs that help recognize patterns.

With a $40 insole made by Adidas called the GMR (pronounced “gamer”), the Tag can be tied to EA Sport’s FIFA Mobile App. The goal of the game is to improve the rating of your virtual FIFA Mobile Ultimate team – something you can do by playing the videogame, purchasing in-game boosts, or now, playing in the real world with the GMR.

The innovation comes as the blending of physical and digital worlds continues to gain popularity – you’d rarely see a toy without AR components today!

Source: WIRED

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