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Do Opportunities For Careers In Technology Still Abound Post Pandemic?

So I’ve been away for a few months working to complete my Tech MBA at Cornell. It was an amazing experience in terms of the quality and structure of the curriculum, professors and I personally liked the accelerated nature of it as in many ways it parallels reality! More to come in another post on that but I just wanted to share that I have recently began interviewing on the podcast a series with those from non-traditional computer science backgrounds pivoting to tech. From a geologist to a fashion journalist and more so please stay tuned and subscribe here for more updates.

On a macro-level, there are notable trends that make this career switch up inevitable, most notably the pandemic of 2020 becoming the catalyst for the mass workforce exodus later termed to be “The Great Resignation”. The rise of remote work quickly silenced the naysayers on what was actually possible but it also showed what had to be in-person (think junior traders in training) and that a lot of people do actually rely on the workplaces for regular social interaction. One industry that will undoubtedly find it easier than most to stay remote is tech. Few notable trends:

From Concentrated to Decentralized – the hottest jobs in tech don’t all live in the Bay area, companies are becoming international first and increasingly more distributed which opens up talent pools, diverse perspectives and creates opportunities to be more profitable and create more dynamic workforce cost structures.

Growth Still Strong – whilst we have heard about the layoffs and the bashing crypto has taken, tech remains very resilient. In several cases these companies were initially overvalued and over hired on those expectations. For some, growth may have slowed (Facebook) but that growth shifted elsewhere in tech (TikTok) so the industry as a whole is still fairing well.

Easy To Repurpose Skills for Tech – Most importantly, candidates are realizing their years of experience selling and marketing products in a niche seemingly unrelated to tech can be easily re-purposed with the right training and mindset shifts to turbocharge a tech sales careers in a small, mid or big tech firm. The payoffs look higher and the hybrid flex model of work is appealing.

I think we are just getting started, The Future of Work will be interesting to watch (more to come on this too) but I am glad to be back again and sharing with you updates, perspectives and content on opportunities in data and tech.

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May is a student of data science and recently completed a tech entrepreneurship MBA. She also runs a tech podcast around emerging markets for Cornell University and is fascinated by the world of Big Data and sharing insight.

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