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AI makes touchless checkout possible at Kansas airport

The COVID-19 pandemic made it even more important for AI to step in and offer better alternatives to what we consider “normal.” Among its innovations are touchless self-checkout and payment at the Kansas City International Airport brought by HMSHost.

Powered by Mashgin, the groundbreaking technology is part of a bigger AI ecosystem that utilizes AI for automation. Flight passengers can now grab snacks, place them on the touchless checkout system, and pay without human interaction.

“The safety of our guests and associates is at the center of HMSHost’s innovation strategy and the fact that this technology both safeguards and elevates the passenger experience makes it a truly remarkable addition to our service model,” shared HMSHost President & CEO Steve Johnson. “Travelers can now come to the airport with confidence that they can make zero-contact purchases while stocking up on food and drinks for their trip.”

The end goal is creating a touch-free passenger experience to promote a safe and healthy environment for both the employees and the customers. Aside from Kansas City International Airport, self-checkout technology is also applied inside the Los Angeles International Airport and Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

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