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4 Data Trends We’re Excited To See In 2020

Over the years, we witnessed the impressive growth in data value across industries. Organizations and platforms are tapping data science to move towards digital transformation and automation. Of course, it didn’t take long until the demand for data scientists increased by an overwhelming degree.

With so much that has happened in 2020, data scientists are still confident of the industry’s future. 

Data privacy and security

Data privacy was a sensitive topic in 2019. People were wary of the data that tech companies gathered, and it sparked a need for more aggressive regulation. With the controversies that rose, people are now more careful about sending out information about themselves. 

This year, organizations are pushing to ensure users that acquired data is merely for marketing purposes – no funny business involving data leaks or sales. We’re looking forward to a lot of development revolving around strengthening the privacy and security of data.

Increased use of Python

Deciding the best programming language is always a fun debate. However, computer experts are likely to see increased usage of Python, both by tech individuals and data scientists.

In 2019, Python took the lead against Java in terms of growth. We won’t see this change soon. Python will be the new go-to for scientists in pursuing research and developing algorithms.

Innovating artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has always been ahead when it comes to innovation. Bot-generated decisions are now transparent and are in parallel with human thinking.

2020 is the year we’ll be seeing more opportunities for machines and humans to work together. According to a prediction by Gartner, about 75 per cent of large enterprises will implement AI in their business processes by 2023.

Cloud and data

Everyone knows that data continues to grow, and the problem lies in having it analyzed and stored properly. The amount of information is too vast for a simple personal computer to hold.

Thankfully, Cloud Computing services are now being embraced by data scientists. With its advantage of allowing easy access without compromising privacy and security, we’ll likely be looking at this platform to keep the data in one place.

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Jelly is a data fanatic! She is a Law graduate, and currently works and focuses her interests at the juncture of digital, marketing and analytics.

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