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What Is Tech Recruiting About?

Tech recruiting is all about finding the best talent for your company’s technical needs. As a tech recruiter, you’ll need to be well-versed in identifying, sourcing and bringing onboard new talent. You’ll also need to be able to sell your company’s products or services to potential candidates. To be effective as a tech recruiter, there is an element of sales involved as you are fighting for the best talent to join your company. You can go down the path of internal tech recruitment which means you are working for only one company say a Google and you are selling jobs to potential candidates to work there. As you can imagine you will have a lot of plus points in selling a reputable company like this. The downside however is you are limited to that one company. Say a great candidate doesn’t like an aspect of Google’s approach to business or even the compensation package then you have no leverage in your sales strategy. This is where the alternative tech recruitment track of headhunting tech recruitment gives you the option to represent multiple companies for the same job and increases your chance in making a successful placement.

What Is The Pay For Tech Recruiting?

The pay for tech recruiters can vary depending on experience and location, but the average salary is around $60,000 per year. In higher cost of living cities like New York, the pay scale is higher. According to aggregator BuiltInNYC “The average salary for a Technical Recruiter in New York is $116,994. The average additional cash compensation for a Technical Recruiter in New York is $14,570. The average total compensation for a Technical Recruiter in New York is $131,564.” Compensation for headhunting tech recruitment can start with a lower base of $40,000 plus, but end up with a higher total compensation in the six figure range of $100,000+ and more.

Daily Activities For Tech Recruiting?

The role of a tech recruiter is very important, as they are responsible for finding and vetting the best candidates for their company. They typically work with a team of other recruiters and HR professionals to identify and attract top talent. The daily activities of a tech recruiter can vary depending on the needs of their company. However, they typically spend most of their time sourcing and screening candidates, conducting interviews, and making offers. Tech recruiters can also be called upon to attend industry events and meetups to network with potential candidates.

How To Get Hired For Tech Recruiting?

There are a few different ways to get hired as a tech recruiter. The most common way is to have experience working in the HR or recruiting field. Alternatively, many companies will hire experienced technical professionals who have a desire to transition into recruiting. headhunting tech recruiting can be easier to begin with as they are typically always looking for new talent to train in their sales techniques as not everyone is likely to succeed in the role. For this reason, it also has a very high drop-out rate.

Best & Worst Parts of Tech Recruiting?

The best aspects of being a tech recruiter are the satisfaction of helping others find their dream job and the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry. However, the role can also be challenging, as it can be difficult to find candidates who meet all of your company’s requirements. Also, having poor job descriptions written by the hiring manager, not being able to fill the role in a certain timeframe, and getting ghosted by candidates can be major challenges to overcome. If you’re up for the challenge, then a career in tech recruiting could be perfect!

“The most challenging thing about being a tech recruiter is finding candidates who meet all of your company’s requirements. It can be difficult, but it’s so rewarding when you finally find the perfect fit.”

-Annie Zhang, technical recruiter at HubSpot

What Skills Are Needed For Tech Recruiting?

The most important skill for tech recruiters is the ability to find and attract top talent. To be a great tech recruiter, you’ll need to have strong written and verbal communication skills. You’ll also need to be well-organized and detail-oriented. Backgrounds that work well for tech recruitment are in Human Resources, Recruiting, or a related field. Technical experience is not a must but could be an advantage in some cases. Alternatively, many companies will hire experienced technical professionals who have a desire to transition into recruiting. Finally, it’s important to be familiar with the latest trends in the tech industry.

Courses that help prepare for tech recruiting are in business, human resources, psychology, and sociology. A degree is not always required but may be helpful.

What Is The Flexibility For A Career In Tech Recruiting?

The flexibility of the job is great, but the hours can be long and sometimes unpredictable because you may have to conduct screenings (especially as a headhunter) for candidates at hours outside of the regular 9-5. Internal technical recruiting however tends to be more stable in the time expectation. The role can be remote friendly in many cases.

What Is The Career Trajectory of A Tech Recruiter?

The career trajectory of a tech recruiter can move into management or more senior HR positions after a few years of experience depending on company size. There is also the possibility of moving into adjacent fields like people analytics or sales. The pathway can accelerate more quickly in headhuntign because it is very performance driven.

Summary of Tech Recruitment Career Track

Overall, being a tech recruiter is a great way to get your foot in the door of the tech industry and help others find their dream job!

Here are examples of professionals sharing their experience working in tech recruitment:

“I love being a tech recruiter because I get to help people find their dream job. It’s so gratifying to match someone with the perfect company and position.”

-Aimee Bateman, founder of Careercake.com

“The best thing about tech recruiting is the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry. It’s also great to be able to help others find their dream job.”

-Brian Wang, tech recruiter at Google

Here is YouTuber Colleen showing you what A Day In The Life of A Tech Recruiter looks like below. Are you interested in tech recruiting? Would you like to receive a digital download for tech recruiting roadmap? Let me know in the comments below.

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